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Solutions for financial advisers to successfully deliver quality advice.

Sentry is one of Australia’s leading financial services companies, respected for its people, performance, and partnerships.

AFSL Licensing Solutions.

Sentry’s licensing solutions offer you a choice of authorisation using a Sentry specialist AFSL for retail, wholesale and MDA service offerings.

We have brought together a dedicated team who have all come together with a philosophy founded on a collegiate approach that places advisers and their clients at the centre of what we do. All our key people know exactly what it’s like to sit with clients every day; we know what’s involved in creating and presenting and implementing advice; we understand the challenges of building and maintaining a practice; and in turn the importance of maintaining and managing client relationships.

So, when you join us, you’ll benefit from a policy framework within which the left hand knows what the right hand is doing! Decades of real-world advisory experience underpins our comprehensive suite of more than 30 clear and concise operational, advice related, risk management and AFSL governance policies and registers.

Our focus is less ambiguity; close alignment to law and RGs with less excess interpretation; and less variance in interpretation. We minimise commercial interference in your business and advice model and provide the confidence and certainty you and your team need.

Our principles-based APL provides the ability to choose from a broad range of financial products and services to best suit your clients’ goals and objectives – rather than being limited to a particular restrictive product list.

You and your team will benefit from our significant investment in, and passionate commitment to, adviser education and training. Join the hundreds of experienced advice professionals who participate in our twice-weekly livestream master classes and workshops; our library for more than 250 hours of recorded content; and our regular hybrid (face-to-face and livestreamed) professional development days around the country.

Our unique approach to PD days presents a different agenda in each state – meaning you can attend your local PD Day and then watch the live stream from other states on the relevant days – providing you with access to a much broader range of quality presenters and topics.

Licensee Solutions
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18 reasons to join Sentry Advice

We think that we’ve built a great licensee and home for advisers. But we would say that. Advisers choose licensees for a variety of reasons, often more than one. This book outlines a long list of reasons that in aggregate we think are great reasons to join us at Sentry Advice.


18 reasons to join Sentry Advice